Mini Pistol Grip Spot Polisher 3” / 75 mm

Mini Pistol Grip Spot Polisher 3” / 75 mm

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This Pistol Grip Spot Polisher is a light weight 3 inch / 75 mm Polishing Tool and Light Duty Sander, with two drive speeds.

The tool is ideally suited for use on precise detailed work for polishing or sanding small areas.  

  • Polishing & restoration of headlight lenses.
  • Pistol grip design allows polishing/sanding hard-to-reach areas such as those found in door jambs, bumpers & side mirrors.
  • Auto Body Dirt/Dust Nib Removal.


  • Drive style: Spindle Thread Size - 5/16" x 24T  Rotary Drive Action 

  • No-load speed: Low 0-2800/RPM (Polishing speed)

  • High 0-8300/RPM (High speed polishing or sanding)

  • Rechargeable battery: 12 volt/2.0 Ah Lithium-ion (2 battery packs)

  • 3 inch / 75 mm Velcro Hook & Loop Backing Plate

  • Side Handle

Includes:  2 x 75mm Foam Polishing Pad.  1 x 75mm Synthetic Wool Pad.