Microfiber Towel & Mitt Kit Set

Microfiber Towel & Mitt Kit Set

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This Microfiber Kit Set features a selection of our high quality microfiber towels that we offer, in an affordable kit set at a fraction of the price if each item was purchased individually.

The set also includes a microfiber chenille wash mitt.

This kit gives you the ability to try all our main towel types in one go.

Includes the Following Items:

1 x Double Sided Twisted Loop Drying Towel 60cm x 90 cm. Single Unit Usually $57.50

2 x Waffle Weave Glass Towels. Single Units Usually $4.60 x 2 = $9.20

2 x Pearl Edgeless Towels. Single Units Usually $4.40 x 2 = $8.80

2 x Buffing Towel 800 GSM Orange & Grey Version 2.0.  Single Units Usually $6.90 x 2 = $13.80

4 x All Purpose Terry Weave Towel 300 GSM. Single Units Usually $2.65 x 4 = $10.60

1 x Deluxe Microfiber Chenille Wash Mitt. Single Unit Usually $14.99

Total Value of Single Units $114.89